You can still buy General winter tires.

The Altimax Arctic, to be specific. And even though January is behind us, we've still got a few weeks of winter ahead of us. Stay prepared for sudden snowfalls with studdable General winter tires that literally grip the road.

We tested the Altimax Arctic in Northern Sweden, the coldest of cold areas we could get to, and were quite pleased with the results: Excellent snow and ice traction with or without the studs. (Some areas have strict regulations against stud use.) We felt sure-footed in our testing environment, and could happily conclude that this General winter tire was one of our studdable winter / snow tires of choice.

Read the full report, then check the available tire sizes to find a set that matches your vehicle.


Friday, February 12, 2010 by Rene Gangoso

I am very satisfied with the tires. Do i have to replace them when summer comes?

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