Winter Driving Tips

Deep into the colder months, many drivers find themselves concerned about one thing: white-knuckle winter driving conditions. The accumulation of snow, ice and slush on the road can make travel pretty slow and treacherous. Especially when navigating roads that twist and turn. Winter / snow tires will increase traction, but there are times when nature gets the best of us and it helps to know how to combat the situation.

Take, for example, the loss of traction in your front tires as you attempt to turn. This is called understeering, and it can be the most difficult situation to control. Our tip: avoid it completely by controlling your speed when turns are in your future. In some cases, however, it will be your rear tires that lose control and we call this oversteering. As you turn, you'll feel the back of your vehicle heading toward the outside of the turn. Once again, this is caused by excessive speed. Take it slow, and focus on the feel of your car. (Read more detailed driving tips in our tech article.)

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