What can you do to update your WRX suspension system?

Give it an "Altitude and Attitude Adjustment."

Start with shock absorbers. They maximize the ability of your tires to perform. And, of course, they give you a comfortable ride whenever potholes or speed bumps come into play. If you've been feeling it in your tailbone as of late, you may need to seek out some new shock absorbers.

Next, consider the effect that lowering your WRX will have. You'll increase its spring rate and give it a more aggressive look with reduced fenderwell gap. You'll need properly engineered aftermarket sport springs that are designed to fit your WRX suspension system. Take a look at lowering to see the effect lowering springs have.

There are many products available for tweaking your WRX suspension system. Check out Suspension Tech for the "low" down on suspension, then shop by vehicle for our list of suitable WRX suspension products.

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