We're focusing on fuel efficiency.

The price of gas doesn't seem to be getting any less expensive, which is why your Tire Rack team is doing everything we can to help you choose tires that enhance fuel efficiency. All fuel-efficient tires are clearly identified on the Tire Rack website. A move that hopefully makes it easier for you to identify eco-friendly choices as you browse through potential tires for your vehicle. Look for it in the bottom-left corner under the "Sizes & Pricing" tab on individual tire pages, or filter by "LLR" when you search for tires. We're also incorporating fuel efficiency into our tire tests, the results of which you'll see on any and all tire test results we roll out in the future. As a consumer, not only will it help you identify which tires can save the greatest amount of fuel—but tire tests will also help you understand how those fuel-efficient tires translate into your everyday driving.

In essence, a fuel-efficient tire is a tire with low rolling resistance. Meaning, it's a tire that doesn't require a lot of force to maintain its forward movement. And since the force typically comes from your vehicle, which runs only when you fill it with fuel, well...you can see where this is going. The more force required, the more fuel you'll be using. You can read more about Tire Rolling Resistance in our library of Tire Tech articles, then shop by vehicle to find your own set of fuel-efficient tires.

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