We like these Sumitomo tires.

As a Max Performance Summer tire, the HTRZ III exhibits Sumitomo tires at their best on dry and wet roads. Sports cars, sporty coupes and high performance sedans will take to their high-speed handling stability and superb traction. A few years ago, we tested this tire against others in its category, and were quite pleased with the results. Read: "A New Name Challenges the Max Performance Summer Category"

In addition, the HTRZ II shines as an Ultra High Performance Summer tire. These Sumitomo tires have a unique appearance, but deliver dry/wet performance and ride comfort that Sumitomo fans look for. Like the HTRZ III above, we were able to test the HTRZ II against other tires within the Ultra High Performance Summer tire category. The results are a few years old, though still very applicable. Read: "Ultra High Performance Summer Tire That May Give You More Than You Paid For"

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