Want to take your car suspension down a notch?

Most people do, and most car suspension systems can be lowered about 1.5" without a problem. Try to take it any lower and you may run into some issues that could adversely affect your vehicle: bumpy ride quality, bad tire wear and an increased risk of bottoming out.

Keep in mind that the lower you go, the higher the spring rate. And any lowered vehicle needs to be realigned.

That said, take a look at lowering. Though we can't feature every vehicle, we've done our best to visually represent a lowered look on some more typical body types. One of which should help you visualize yours.

If you decide to lower your vehicle, Tire Rack has a number of car suspension products that will help.


Friday, May 13, 2011 by lowering kit

Thanks. Having a real view of what is in a car suspension and its relation to a car. Makes me understand on how to really make a car look good and comfortable to any owners.

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