Uniroyal Tire Reviews: A Look at the Tiger Paw Tour SR

Vehicles sold within the United States tend to feature Original Equipment All-Season tires. Developed specifically for new cars and light trucks, these tires offer an all-encompassing mix of ride quality, noise comfort, treadwear and handling. Even year-round traction, though only in lighter snow. As the tires wear out, many drivers will replace them with the same exact tire. 

Further, some drivers will purchase tires labeled as Original Equipment on other vehicles provided they meet their own vehicle/driving requirements simply because of their performance reputations. 

The Uniroyal Tiger Paw Tour SR is one such Original Equipment tire. And as we aim to provide as much information about the tire as possible, you'll find these Tire Rack Consumer Reviews quite useful:

"I purchased these tires because of the quiet, comfortable ride qualities, but have been impressed with the handling, wet and dry traction, as well as the quiet, comfortable ride quality." — Toyota Avalon XLS, LA

"I have driven on these tires for 9 months and have found them to be excellent in all types of driving and weather conditions and no sign of tread wear in over 8,000 miles." — Buick LeSabre, KS

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Friday, April 6, 2012 by Jim

I have 59K on tires; have 5/32 to 6/32 left. Ride and handle well. My pickup had Tiger Paws which lasted 92K
Wednesday, February 11, 2015 by Brady

These are great tires, the way they handle in all weather conditions, these tire are quite too.Also, I would recommend 36 psi of air. I have been use these tire for years and I have not had any problems! Great tires A+

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