Is There Air in the Spare for Your Trip Over the Hill and Through the Woods?

It’s time for families to come together for the Holidays, and that often means loading the car for extended highway travel.

However, before you load the trunk and begin your trip, make sure you check the air pressure of all your vehicle’s tires, including the spare. Many spare tires are packaged at the bottom of a car’s trunk or under the bed of a crossover, SUV or pickup. This often means that the trunk/cargo area has to be empty in order to check the spare tire’s air pressure. And, in many cases, the vehicle manufacturers have chosen to package the spare with the valve stem down, preventing the air from being checked without removing the jack and all of the tire changing tools. It’s a hassle, but worth a few minutes before drivers load up.

Tire Rack compliments Ford for the spare tire packaging on their new Fusion. As you can see, Ford chose to store the tools and jack in foam under the wheel. This provides the driver easy access to check air pressure in their spare tire.


Ford Fusion Ford Fusion Ford Fusion

Tire Rack believes spare tire air pressure will be checked more often if it's easy to do. What do you think? When was the last time you checked your spare tire’s air pressure?

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