To shop for tires, consider price and value.

We do our very best to keep tire prices as low as possible. Even with high fuel costs, it seems cheaper to fill up the tank than it does to invest in a news set of tires. But tires last for tens of thousands of miles and if you keep your receipts, you'll see that the cost for 10,000 miles of fuel at 20 mpg exceeds tire costs. Check out the chart for proof.

Further, the cost of driving on a new pair of tires is worth every penny. Good tire performance means everything when it comes to safety. And beyond that, it makes for a comfortable ride on your way to work or during that cross-state road trip. Fuel just makes you go, it can't necessarily get you there. And besides, you buy a gallon and run through it. Tires last for years if taken care of, which makes the initial investment even more worth it. 

Also consider the following:

If you drive your car another 20,000 miles and are considering the "perfect" set of tires that will cost you $150 each, or another set that costs $130 each, you may be surprised to find out that the cost of the "perfect" set of four tires costs just 3 cents per mile...and the "second place" set of four costs 2.6 cents per mile. Spend the extra $80 today for the "perfect" tire that you will be driving on the next couple of years.

So, if you are in the market for new tires and come across two that might work for your vehicle, check out the price—then check out the price "per mile." Read more.


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