Tire Rack's Tire Testing Program

If you've ever made an online tire purchase from Tire Rack or any other car tire dealer, you've probably done some research. And just like you, we like to compare performance tires, too.

Tire Rack's tire testing program is quite the production. First-hand experience with and extensive training on the tires we sell helps our sales specialists provide expert recommendations. We use a 6.6 mile Real World Road Ride loop, as well as our own Performance Test Track.
These two pathways allow us to compare performance tires across a variety of conditions that you drive every day. And on the test track, we can safely test a tire's speed and stopping performance. We can even test winter performance tires in addition to the winter testing we do on a local ice rink.

Read more about Tire Rack's Tire Testing Program, or watch the videos we've put together:


Sunday, September 11, 2011 by robby

for some reason i can't access your wheels and scroll through them from A-Z. what am i doing wrong?
Monday, September 12, 2011 by Tire Rack Team

Robby, when you shop by vehicle you can sort by brands and the options will appear in the A-Z format you desire.

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