Tire Rack Consumer Reviews: G35 Tires

If you need G35 tires, you'll want to read these reviews:

"The [Firestone] Firehawk GT tires feel like I'm driving a completely different car, so much smoother and tons more quiet. The difference in ride quality is remarkable. I only have 100 miles on the GT tires thus far but it's been an amazing early run." —Tire Rack Consumer Review, G35 Sedan Sport Package, TN

"WOW. I just put these (General Exclaim UHP) on my 2003 Infiniti G35 and let me say what a complete world of difference. Turn in is excellent, overall road ride is excellent. It was raining most of the first week I had these (excellent rain ride) and finally this weekend had a chance to go on some of my favorite windy roads, and let me say that these tires are PHENOMENAL!!!! Turn in was razor sharp, and not the slightest hint of reaching their limit, even in severe cornering and "spirited" driving to say the least." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, G35 Sedan, DC

"This tire (Yokohama ADVAN S.4) makes my G ride better than ever. The tire is so quiet on all types of roads and softens the road bumps. This truly is a tire that combines comfort with performance." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, G35 Sedan Journey Package, TX

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