Tire Rack and Bridgestone Invaded the Pepsi Center to Showcase the Blizzak WS80

Tire Rack and Bridgestone teamed up to introduce the Blizzak WS80 to a group of drivers who have never experienced driving on winter tires, as well as a team of car enthusiasts who wanted to view the new tire first-hand. We invited the teams to Denver and set-up the event at the Pepsi Center, home of the N.B.A.’s Denver Nuggets and N.H.L.’s Colorado Avalanche.

While you can read about how great a tire is, there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel and testing tires yourself. And on the ice of the Pepsi Center, that’s exactly what we invited this group to do. They were able to experience how differently our BMWs accelerated, braked and cornered around the ice when one was equipped with a set of winter tires and the other with a set of all-seasons. As one driver who had never experienced winter tires said, “I could barely get the all-seasons going, and my stopping distance was much longer. I was convinced. The Blizzak proved its worth on the ice.”

Twitter was buzzing with #TalkTires and #TRWinterDrive testimonials.

Additionally, attendees were treated to a visit to the Denver Zoo for a biomimicry demonstration. Team members from Bridgestone explained how engineers study the movement of polar bears and how their paws gain traction on ice and use their findings in their design process of Blizzak tires.

Yes, the presentation was exciting; and testing the tires on the ice was beneficial to the drivers, but the tricycles equipped with Blizzak WS80 and all-season tires stole the show. These trikes were so much fun we could barely get the local media off them in time for them to do their segments! Not only are they a blast to ride, they demonstrate the traction comparison between the two sets of tires very well. As you’re trying to pedal, the tricycle with the winter tires allows you to pedal faster, turn quicker and stop sooner than the bike with all-season tires.

The Pepsi Center and Denver Zoo were a great host for our event. Thank you to all the staff members who took time out of their day to make sure everything was handled properly and professionally. Everyone who participated enjoyed their time in the Mile High city, learned how great winter / snow tires are and got a chance to ride a tricycle for the first time in years!

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