Time for replacement brake rotors?

If your OEM rotors have seen better days, then it's high-time you purchase replacement brake rotors. Not exactly sure what "better days" means? Technically speaking, every brake rotor has a "Worn Rotor Minimum Thickness" limit. You can find this information engraved on the edge of the brake disc, and you'll have to measure accordingly. But if you're using your vehicle on the track, it's a completely different story as brake components on a race car undergo extreme heat and pressure. They'll wear faster and should be replaced well before their wear limits (read more).

And since brake rotors are a major component of your brake system, you'll want to make sure that only a trained mechanic does the swap out. Incorrectly installing any new brake component can seriously curb your safety.

Read more about brake rotors, then search Tire Rack's inventory. We'll give you a list of appropriate rotors that might include ATE, Power Slot and Brembo rotors.

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