The right brake rotors mean everything on the track.

All aftermarket brake products are not suitable for the high speeds associated with track use. For example, stay clear of drilled or dimpled rotors. They may look high-performance and they can resist some of the gasses that tend to build up between the brake pad and the rotor, but they can't handle the temperatures that result from track speeds and repetitive stops. If you do choose to use these types of rotors on your race vehicle, which we do not recommend, we suggest you carefully inspect your brake components before each and every use—and definitely stop driving on them if you see any sign of deterioration.

It is probably best to just stay away from racing with drilled and dimpled brake rotors since improper use will negate their warranty. And you never know if or when you'll need to call upon that warranty for help. Instead, consider the following:
Centric Premium Rotor

Centric Premium Rotors

Brembo Brakes

Brembo Sport Slotted Rotors

DBA 4000 Series Rotors

DBA 5000 Series Rotors

This, of course, is not the complete list of race capable rotors. Click here for a complete list of rotors and then filter your search to view track-appropriate options.

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