The Power of a Porsche—and Porsche tires.

First, there was the Boxster. Then came the Cayenne. And now, Porsche enters the sedan market with the all-new Panamera. This luxury vehicle has all the bells and whistles, but you'll want to add just one more: aftermarket Porsche tires from Tire Rack.

Consider Michelin auto tires. We picked Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires for the Panamera shown here because they offer world-class dry road traction, handling and cornering capabilities. After all, a Porsche is meant to be driven. (Side note: these tires appear as Original Equipment on a number of performance sedans.)

But before you buy Michelin tires, you may wish to check out a complete Tire & Wheel Package. For example, we paired the Max Performance Summer tires above with a set of O.Z. Botticelli III wheels. A part of the O.Z. Tuner System, they're custom-assembled for an impressive fit.

Build your Tire & Wheel Package, or simply search for Porsche tires. Whatever approach you take, aftermarket tire performance is yours for the driving.

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