The Performance Winter Tire: A Few Noteworthy Tests

We'll say it a million times: There are a number of benefits to driving on performance winter tires when the snow falls. And we've conducted a lot of tests to support that theory—we drive on as many of our winter / snow tires that we can, starting at a local hockey rink to simulate icy road conditions. And in the middle of winter, we test the same winter / snow tires on our 5-1/2 acre test track.

Earlier this year, we traveled to Northern Sweden—during the height of the winter season there— to experience winter tires where reindeer, moose and dogsleds typically reign.

But this area near the Arctic Circle is also home to a number of European automotive winter test facilities. So we took advantage of the consistent cold temperatures, all of the snow and well-prepared snow and ice surface to study this coming winter's newest tires.

Here are the results:

"Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Studless Ice & Snow"
"Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Studdable Winter / Snow"
"Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Ultra High Performance All-Season"

Read more, then search by vehicle to find a set of performance winter tires.

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