The Goodyear Eagle GT

The Goodyear Eagle GT is an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire for sports cars, coupes and sedans. Not only is the tread pattern stylish, it delivers handling and all-season capabilities in both dry and wet conditions—even light snow. Large shoulder and intermediate tread blocks enhance steering response, and Aquachute tread grooves evacuate water for better traction in the rain. In addition, Tredblock sipes offer the stability you'll need on lightly snow-covered roads. At its debut, we were able to test this tire's performance compared to others in its category and we were quite pleased with its performance and handling. (Read more.) Some of our consumers agree:

"The Eagle GTs not only look great but they changed the vehicle dynamics completely. Much more firm and stable, handles corners well and ride is more relaxed and quiet over rough pavement. Couldn't find another tire to beat the price, look, feel AND bonus...made in the U.S.A.!" — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Pontiac Grand Prix, MI

"Best tire ever had on this car (third set). Great performance on dry and wet roads, surprisingly as comfortable and quiet as the best touring tires but with much, much better performance. Steering responsiveness is unbelievable. If you're looking for a high performance tire which is quiet and comfortable, don't hesitate." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Ford Taurus, NJ

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