Take your competition tires to the winner's circle.

A day at the race track isn't a leisure drive through the country. It's sharp curves at breakneck speeds and pedal-to-the-metal passing. Tight twists with the potential for spinout. It's burning rubber and harsh braking. All of which does wonders to your competition tires. 

That said, it's obvious that competition tires won't last as long as the tires you rely on for your daily commute. To get the most out of them, note the following:

• Store tires in a cool, dry place.

• Remove debris from tires after every track session, and let them cool off of the ground.

• The pressure within a competition tire will increase 1 psi for every 10 degrees of ambient temperature.

• Keep tires out of direct sunlight between sessions. Heat from the sun can raise tire pressure.

• For autocross competition tires, adjust inflation pressure when warm. For road racing competition tires, adjust inflation pressure when hot.

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