Take "charge" of your Charger tires.

Running on a set of tires you don't really trust anymore? Take "charge" of your safety by upgrading to a new set of Charger tires. And pick up a new set of Charger wheels along the way!

Need a little inspiration? Like what you see at left? We outfitted this Charger with a set of Sport Muscle Dyno-5 wheels, and they're enveloped in BFGoodrich tires.

To be specific, they're BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW tires. These Ultra High Performance Summer tires offer superior dry and wet traction. Check out our BFGoodrich reviews—Tire Rack Consumer Reviews provide the ultimate in feedback because it comes from drivers just like you. For example:

"I drive a mountain road every day and these are the best handling, most comfortable performance tires I have ever had. My Charger is not a light car, but with these tires it sticks through the curves." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, Dodge Charger, CA

Read more reviews, but first you'll want to search for your own Charger tires and wheels. Let us know if you need help.

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