Take care of your vehicle, inside and out.

When it comes to our vehicle's appearance, we tend to focus on the outside more than anything. Shiny aftermarket wheels, crystal clear windshields and chrome that glows for miles. We often forget about the inside in our rush to complete the car wash. Our dashboards get dusty, carpet stains become permanent and the leather seats (if you have them) start to lose their luster. You can't really see the inside anyway, right? Well...talk to the person you drove to lunch yesterday.

You may never be able to successfully recreate that new car smell, but with a little easy scrubbing, you can certainly make the inside of your vehicle shine like new—just like the outside of it. Tire Rack stocks an extensive collection of car care products for the inside of your vehicle. Like the Leather Care Spray Kit at left. And products for the outside, too. Even special cleaners for wheels and tires. Stock your garage and it'll be easy to keep up appearances.

Just don't hold us accountable if you're repeatedly asked to drive to lunch. Everyone loves a car that's clean, inside and out!

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