Take advantage of our tire research!

You can't just pick out any tire and expect it to work well on your vehicle. Purchasing new tires is a decision that takes some thought. At Tire Rack, we're here to help you think it through so that it doesn't become a long, drawn out process. Because really, it's not that hard to pick the right tires. Trust us, we've done the research.

Literally. Performance Test Track Drives and Real World Road Rides help us get to know the characteristics of all the tires we test which helps us explain how they'll perform on your vehicles. Tests are run from May through September, and we've been testing tires for a number of years now, so you can imagine how stocked our library of test results is.

We realize, however, that sometimes you need a second opinion. That's where our previous customers come into play. After every purchase, the customer is asked to fill out a tire survey -- the results of which we compile into a succinct chart that helps you compare different tires in each performance category. And we have tire survey results compiled for every tire performance category.

We also keep a running stock of tire reviews for almost every tire that we offer. These reviews come from our previous customers as well, so they're good indicators of real world tire performance.

Be sure to utilize all of these options as you narrow down your tire choices. Just starting your search? We recommend you search by vehicle, which will get you going with a nice list of tires recommended according to your vehicle.

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