Special or Sport: Which KONI product is right for your vehicle?

Shock absorbers can be complicated if you're not precisely sure about your individual needs. There are a variety of shock options, and each option directly affects ride comfort and stability—even safety. Take a look at the following force velocity graph:
The red portion of the graph represents KONI Special shocks and the yellow portion represents KONI Sport shocks. Any crossover in performance is indicated by the color pink. In essence, the graph is a visual representation of the adjustment range. The column marked "A" represents damper speeds that result from braking, accelerating and rolling. Column "B" represents road hazards like bumps and railroad tracks.

Based on the chart, you can see that KONI Special shocks compromise the most in terms of road handling and comfort. Sport shocks, on the other hand, are made for aggressive driving. Read "Comparing KONI Special vs. KONI Sport" in our library of Suspension Tech articles and then shop by vehicle for a specific list of components that are right for yours.


Saturday, August 24, 2013 by majeed

rear shocks for Peugeot 405 sri 1995 automatic

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