Snow Wheels

As you contemplate the benefits of a winter / snow tire, we'd like you to consider the benefits of dedicated snow wheels, too.

Why? First and foremost, you can keep your winter / snow tires mounted throughout the year on wheels you buy specifically for winter use. When the weather changes, you're ready—no installation appointments, no mounting fees. You can install them yourself. Second, you'll keep your summer wheels protected from ice and salt. Both of which cause damage.

Tire Rack offers a number of winter / snow wheels that work excellently with winter / snow tires. You can select either alloy or steel wheels, the benefits of which can be found in our Wheel Tech library.

Build a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package on your own, or contact one of our Sales Specialists for their recommendations.

Online, you'll find our Preferred Packages available for many vehicles. When building a Preferred Package, our fitment specialists select a winter tire that best meets the performance level of your vehicle and add an affordable wheel option. Shipped to you mounted, balanced and with all the installation hardware you'll need, your Preferred Package is easy to bold right on.

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