Snow tire ratings: See what other drivers are saying.

In addition to the tests we perform, Tire Rack has consistently maintained a collection of snow tire ratings submitted by our customers. Snow tire ratings build upon the basics (like size and tread design) to supply information that can be considered crucial during the purchasing process. In other words, they're a second opinion.

Our snow tire ratings are divided into two categories:

Winter / Snow Passenger Tire Surveys
Winter / Snow Light Truck/SUV Tire Surveys

Within each category, you'll see ratings for hydroplaning resistance, steering response, ice traction, ride comfort and more. You'll also be given the opportunity to enter your tire size, which will then call attention to all of the tires within the survey results in that size. It truly is an easy way to compare snow tire ratings.

And for a third opinion, you can read the customer winter / snow tire reviews found on ever tire page.

Just don't forget to give us feedback on the tires you're driving—submit an online survey because we'd like to know what you think, too.

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