Shock Absorber Reviews

We do a lot of testing. And not just on the tires we sell.. We want to know all there is to know about the suspension products we sell. By educating ourselves in this way, we can better serve you throughout your purchase. If we can't drive with it—we wouldn't suggest that you drive with it.

For example, "KONI Sport Ride & Drive...An Absorbing Experience" takes a look at how KONI Sport Shock absorbers in soft and firm settings held up against Original Equipment Lexus IS300 shock absorbers. On the road, the "firm" KONI shock absorbers provided responsive handling, but supplied a "jiggly" ride. In other words, potholes were noticeable. We wouldn't recommend this setting for all drivers all of the time, but the "soft" setting might be the answer. (Read More)

And, it never hurts to get a second opinion, which is why we post the shock absorber reviews that our consumers write. Here's what they're saying about the KONI Sport Suspension Kit:

" Wow, what a difference from stock! These struts really changed the character of the car; it doesn't seem quite so cheap anymore. The ride and handling are light years better. I highly recommend them." -- Nissan Sentra, Colorado

Shop by vehicle to discover the performance shock absorber that is perfect for your vehicle. Product pages will include links to all consumer reviews (when available).


Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by johnnyS

Most of the time it is not the brand , we need to be smart enough to buy suspension for our cars. So remember to check the quality not the brand.

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