Replacement tires: When is it time?

How do you know when it's time to purchase a set of replacement tires?

• Check your vehicle owner's manual. It will often contain tire inspection or replacement recommendations.

• Tread depth must always be appropriate for current weather conditions (the tread in the photo is obviously not ready for anything). If you're driving in snow, replacement tires should be purchased when approximately 6/32" of the tread depth remains. For wet roads, 4/32". And dry roads, 2/32" is the legal minimum but we wouldn't wait that long to replace tires.

• If you cut or puncture the sidewall, or drove on a flat tire (or one with very low inflation)—you've probably damaged the tire beyond repair. It's probably time.

• Never ignore a bubble, blister, bulge, large cut or cracks. Replacement tires are a must!

These are just a few recommendations. Read more in our library of Tire Tech articles.

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