Pirelli Snow Tires

To Pirelli, "power is nothing without control." And who doesn't want a little more control when the snow falls? We do, and that's why we stand behind Pirelli snow tires.

Pirelli Sottozero and SnowSport Performance Winter passenger tires respond to your handling by gripping snow and ice, which keeps you safe...not sliding. Despite colder temperatures, their rubber compounds stay flexible on dry and wet winter roads.

The Scorpion Ice & Snow Studless Ice & Snow winter tires give luxury-performance SUVs the ability to move on snow. But for those who wish to use studs, the Winter Carving winter / snow tires have an optimized stud pattern for good traction and even better braking performance. We recently tested this tire in the coldest place we could find: in Northern Sweden at the Arctic circle. Snow covered roads take on a whole new meaning over there, and we were thrilled to find that this tire performed well in comparison. (Read more.)

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