Pirelli car tires and the Audi A6: A perfect match?

We think so. Pirelli car tires have always been a strong choice, and receive top marks in their ability to perform. And that's exactly how we feel about the Audi, too. A strong vehicle whose performance levels are always high.

The Audi A6 at left features the PZero Rosso. These Pirelli tires are in the Max Performance Summer category, combining everything you've come to recognize in summer tires: high performance, high speed and high comfort. And they are, quite possibly, Pirelli's most comfortable Max Performance tires.

From our collection of Pirelli tire reviews: "These are the finest tires I have ever owned. To have such high performance and silent operation combined is truly a rare find. These tires are a complete joy on the open road. The grip is there when you need it and the tires make absolutely no fuss while going about their duty." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Audi TT, NJ

The only downfall to the PZero Rosso—it isn't meant to be driven in winterlike conditions. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, choose an all-season when you buy Pirelli tires. Or change out the tires when the weather gets bad—buy Pirelli winter tires, too.

Search Tire Rack's entire collection of Pirelli tires. You'll notice there's something for every vehicle, and that we do our best to keep all Pirelli tire prices competitive and reasonable.

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