Performance Brake Pads: Which Category Does Your Vehicle Fall Under?

Performance brake pads aren't just performance brake pads—and that's because brakes aren't as simple as they seem. Different vehicles require different braking systems, and that's why we've grouped our performance brake pads into subsequent categories. Take a look:

Premium: Excellent stopping power for the everyday driver. Premium brake pads lower braking noise levels, and they reduce dust accumulation. Most Original Equipment brake pads fall within this category.

Performance Street: A step up from the Premium category, Performance Street brake pads provide the ultimate in stopping power while resisting fading. If you upgrade to performance tires, you'll want these brake pads, too.

Autocross/Track: Frequent high-speed stopping needs high stopping power, which is the objective of these performance brake pads. They are uniquely formulated to withstand high heat and to resist brake fade.

Truck & SUV: These brake pads are built to withstand stop and go traffic on a bigger vehicle. In addition, they adapt to towing and larger-sized wheels and tires.

See which products fit into these categories:
Passenger Cars
Light Trucks/SUVs

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Friday, January 15, 2010 by vann

hi, I have a friend who suggested that I get brembo ceramic 0 dust brake pads for my 03 mercades c230 coupe. my question is, where can I get them?

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