Considering a set of Eibach springs?

Aftermarket springs and performance suspension kits are worth every penny, but sometimes that penny doesn't quite equal the price you're willing to pay. Eibach Springs is a very well respected suspension company, and their products get great reviews from our previous customers."[The Eibach Sport System Kit] gave my car a nice low look. Completely eliminated...  Read More

Spare Tires

Have you checked your spare tire lately? Flat tires happen, usually without warning, so it's absolutely essential that you give your spare tire some attention on a regular basis. For starters, make sure you know how to install a spare tire on your vehicle. It can be tricky, but your Owner's Manual should provide all of the instruction you need. Once you get...  Read More

Winter Tire Survey Results

As your search for the ideal set of winter / snow tires begins, let us remind you about our library of Tire Survey Results. In particular, those that pertain to Tire Rack's collection of winter / snow tires. We can give you our opinion on things like traction and noise based on our own experience and based on the results from our Real World Road Rides and...  Read More

Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 Introductory Drive

When it comes to the worst driving conditions, many people think about winter's snow covered roads. And when it comes to the best way to tackle those roads—those same people think about Bridgestone Blizzak winter / snow tires. And they've done so for over 15 years. This season, Tire Rack is adding the newest Bridgestone Blizzak tire, the WS70 Studless Ice...  Read More

Installing Winter Tires

There are two important things to consider as you contemplate your new (or existing) set of winter / snow tires: when to install them and how. First, let's discuss when. Remember that specialty tires are just that—special. They should be driven on the roads that they are made for, so when it comes to winter / snow tires, we recommend that you refrain from...  Read More

Studless Ice and Snow Tires: Our Latest Test Results

Tire Rack is in winter / snow tire mode! After all, it's never too early to prepare for icy roads covered with slush. Your vehicle's safety, and consequently your safety, is on the line. Though it's still warm outside, we were able to test some of our Studless Ice and Snow tires on the glare ice of a local indoor hockey rink. And on the roads surrounding it,...  Read More

Finding the "Ultra" in Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires

What does "Ultra" mean in terms of a High Performance All-Season tire? Ultra High Performance All-Season tires share similar tread patterns with standard High Performance All-Seasons, but is that where the similarities end? That's what Tire Rack attempted to decipher in our most recent Real World Road Ride and Performance Track Drive. We installed Dunlop SP ...  Read More

Which all-season tires are the best in snow?

At Tire Rack, we get this question a lot. Especially now because so many of you are thinking ahead to snow-covered roads. Our initial answer remains the same: dedicated Winter / Snow tires will outperform all-season tires almost every single time, and we highly recommend that you invest in a set for your vehicle. But if only one set of tires is in your...  Read More

Winter / Snow Tire Performance Categories—A Quick Review

This is the time of year when many of you turn to Tire Rack for a new set of winter / snow tires. We know it hasn't snowed yet, but we applaud your enthusiasm for getting ready. It never hurts to be ahead of the game, especially when it comes to your vehicle's safety (and therefore your safety). As you shop our selection of winter / snow tires, keep in mind...  Read More

Are your wipers and lights ready for darker weather?

As summer winds down, our long days filled with sunshine are getting shorter. Soon enough, the sun will set at earlier hours, forcing us to drive home from work under the moon. And as temperatures drop, so does the rain until it eventually turns into snow. Rest assured, you've still got some time before all of those changes take place—which means it's the...  Read More

Three Different Wheel Covers

As you begin to put together a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package, you'll notice that aftermarket alloy wheels are a bit more expensive than steel wheels. Despite the fact that both are equally decent options, aftermarket alloy wheels exceed steel wheels in the visual appeal department. And for some, that's a deciding factor. But if your pocketbook can't...  Read More

Winter Wheels

When it comes to snow and slush, the obvious move is to install a set of winter / snow tires to increase traction and, therefore, your safety on the road. At Tire Rack, we recommend you take those winter / snow tires a step further by installing them on a set of winter wheels. Now, there's really no difference between winter and summer wheels—but do...  Read More

Four Winter / Snow Tires

As you search for your ideal set of winter / snow tires, keep in mind that you must purchase a complete set of four tires to maximize traction and control. Installing a pair on just the front or rear end of your vehicle creates a bigger hazard than the snow covering the road. It essentially gives your vehicle a split personality, which means it won't know...  Read More

It's time to start thinking about winter / snow tires!

We know, we know—summer isn't over yet! And then, fall. But at Tire Rack, it's never too early to start planning for winter weather. The safety of your vehicle on a slippery, snow-covered and icy road depends on it, so give yourself enough time to find that ideal set of winter / snow tires. But do you really need them? If you live in a snow belt, then yes....  Read More

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

Continuing our tradition of eco-friendly tire posts as of late, we thought it'd be a good idea to define Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE).In the States, automakers must create a fleet of vehicles that meets specific average fuel economies—otherwise known as miles per gallon. For example, all cars made in 2009 were required to achieve 27.5 mpg. Trucks...  Read More

Aftermarket Wheels vs. Rims

Many people refer to the aftermarket wheels on their vehicle as "rims"—but the two terms are technically not interchangeable. Aftermarket wheels are the steel or alloy units on which your tires are installed. A rim is really the outer part of the wheel that holds the tire. But don't worry, we'll know what you're talking about if you call us in search of some...  Read More

Eco-Friendly All-Season Tires: The Video

We recently tested a crop of eco-friendly all-season tires. Though at first, eco-friendly tires were made in specific sizes for hybrid and ultra-efficient vehicles, they are today created in a number of different sizes that fit a wider variety of vehicles. You can read our full test report, or watch the following video. It highlights some of the key points,...  Read More

Eco-Friendly Yokohama Tires

We've only got one world, so for obvious reasons, leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is all the rage. We recycle, we plant trees—and we choose to buy certain products over others. For example, paper versus plastic bags. And hybrid vehicles. And most recently, eco-friendly tires. Tire Rack stocks a number of eco-friendly tires from some of your favorite tire...  Read More

Eco-Friendly All-Season Tires: Your Perspective

In a previous post, we discussed the results of our eco-friendly all-season tire test. We're ready and willing to give you our opinion, but we know you value that of your peers as well. So, take a look at what they've been saying about these same four tires we tested:Continental ProContact with EcoPlus Technology (Standard Touring All-Season)"Just put them...  Read More

Tire Specs Explained

How is it that one tire can fit a gazillion different vehicles? Not all vehicles are made the same, right? Right...but all tires are made the same. Well, sort of. There exists a set of interchangeability standards set by the Tire and Rim Association, Inc. These standards unite tire and wheel manufacturers so that their products are, in fact, interchangeable...  Read More