Checking Tire Pressure

Are you checking your tire’s air pressure?The Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving schools are developed to provide a controlled environment for young drivers to learn car control through experiencing their vehicles’ handling and stopping capabilities. One year we decided to do a test and got out our air gauge to measure the tire pressure on the...  Read More

Braille Car Batteries

A car battery from Braille’s Endurance Series is suitable for daily driving and for racing.The Braille Endurance Series batteries in Group 48 are designed as a perfect Original Equipment (O.E.) replacement option for increased power and reliability in all weather conditions. Group 49 batteries offer over 100 amp hour rating – the highest in Braille’s AGM...  Read More

Kelvin Helps Pick Replacement Bulbs

The Kelvin scale describes the hue of a specific light source and can be helpful in determining what type of light works best for your needs.Aftermarket lighting options can improve the amount of light reflecting back to the driver, increasing visibility at night. Also, the lower the value on the Kelvin scale, the better a light will work in fog, snow or...  Read More

Coil-Over Kits

A complete coil over system is one solution to improve your vehicle’s performance.The system combines springs, shocks and bump stop into one assembly. The coil-over set-up is similar to a race set-up in that it allows tuning of the vehicle through ride height adjustment. Coil overs often use an adjustable spring perch that allows for different vehicle ride...  Read More

Replace Headlights with Hella

Looking to replace the head light bulbs in your vehicle?Hella bulbs have been used to light the way to victory at many of the world’s most notable endurance races and rallies, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 12 Hours of Sebring. The replacement bulbs from Hella, produce a brighter light that will provide increased visibility and less eye fatigue for...  Read More

H&R Springs RSS Club Sport Coil-Over Suspenion Kit

H&R Springs has one simple philosophy: “Build the best and the rest will follow.”Whether it’s the Premium Performance Coil Over Kit or one of their Sport Springs Sets, H&R’s products are tested and approved by the German government’s TUV agency for quality, safety and reliability. All springs developed by H&R are precision-wound with the highest quality...  Read More

Accutire Air Gauge

If your tires are going to provide the handling, traction and durability they are capable of, then maintaining proper air pressure is required. Many drivers spend money on new springs or buy car battery, but forget about something as simple as periodically checking their tire’s air pressure. Adjusting the tire inflation pressure to the “right”...  Read More

Benefits of Aftermarket Lights

Unfortunately, our need to see doesn’t end when the sun goes down.  With the risk of having an accident about twice as high at night as during the day, lights can play an important factor to your vehicle’s safety.Even though the lights of modern vehicles are typically sufficient to fulfill legal requirements, they can be added to or improved with an...  Read More

Considering Lowering Your Vehicle?

Considering replacing your Original Equipment springs with lowering springs? A good rule of thumb is that many vehicles can be lowered approximately 1.5 inches without any complications.Eibach Springs and H&R Springs offer options that provide the required spring rates using progressive rate springs that minimize the effect on ride quality. Remember, the...  Read More

Racing Batteries

Is your car battery ready for racing season?  A new lightweight racing battery intended for race events can save a driver precious pounds in their competition vehicle. Improving the performance of many race vehicles and providing custom car and vintage vehicle owners a car battery with acid-free technology, the racing batteries from Braille offer a wide...  Read More

Ready to Upgrade Your Lighting System?

Enhance your Original Equipment lighting system with aftermarket bulbs. The decision to replace headlights not only upgrades the style of your current lighting system, but also increases your visibility while driving. An aftermarket lighting system can increase your margin of safety by outputting a brighter light than O.E. bulbs, reducing the amount of glare...  Read More

Testing Eco-Focused Crossover/SUV All-Season Tires in Real World Conditions.

As the winter months continue to come closer here at Tire Rack, we thought it'd be a great time to share with you our latest test results: "Testing Eco-Focused Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season Tires in Real World Conditions" focusing on excellent all-season coverage—that also happens to be eco-friendly. And as it turns out, we found three really great...  Read More

New for 2010: Bridgestone Blizzak WS70

Looking for a Studless Ice and Snow winter tire for your coupe, sedan, minivan or crossover? Take a look at the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70. Think traction on slushy, snow-covered and icy roads. You'll drive confidently from here to there, thanks to a dual-compound tread that features a silica-enhanced layer on top of an excellent winter compound—and trust us,...  Read More

Winter Tire Performance Categories—A Quick Review

To make sure you're equipped to choose a great set of winter / snow tires, we thought we'd take a minute to review the winter / snow tire performance categories. That way, you'll know exactly what you're looking at as you browse our collection of passenger tires. The tires ranked #1 in each of our performance categories are determined according to the survey...  Read More

Get Our New Winter / Snow Inside Track!

The days are slowly starting to shift from fall to winter weather, so it's the perfect time to release the new Inside Track—Tire Rack's seasonal catalog that features our latest and greatest products. This particular edition, as it is the Winter edition, focuses primarily on Winter / Snow tires. It might not be snowing yet where you live, but it's never too...  Read More

Considering a set of Eibach springs?

Aftermarket springs and performance suspension kits are worth every penny, but sometimes that penny doesn't quite equal the price you're willing to pay. Eibach Springs is a very well respected suspension company, and their products get great reviews from our previous customers."[The Eibach Sport System Kit] gave my car a nice low look. Completely eliminated...  Read More

Spare Tires

Have you checked your spare tire lately? Flat tires happen, usually without warning, so it's absolutely essential that you give your spare tire some attention on a regular basis. For starters, make sure you know how to install a spare tire on your vehicle. It can be tricky, but your Owner's Manual should provide all of the instruction you need. Once you get...  Read More

Winter Tire Survey Results

As your search for the ideal set of winter / snow tires begins, let us remind you about our library of Tire Survey Results. In particular, those that pertain to Tire Rack's collection of winter / snow tires. We can give you our opinion on things like traction and noise based on our own experience and based on the results from our Real World Road Rides and...  Read More

Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 Introductory Drive

When it comes to the worst driving conditions, many people think about winter's snow covered roads. And when it comes to the best way to tackle those roads—those same people think about Bridgestone Blizzak winter / snow tires. And they've done so for over 15 years. This season, Tire Rack is adding the newest Bridgestone Blizzak tire, the WS70 Studless Ice...  Read More

Installing Winter Tires

There are two important things to consider as you contemplate your new (or existing) set of winter / snow tires: when to install them and how. First, let's discuss when. Remember that specialty tires are just that—special. They should be driven on the roads that they are made for, so when it comes to winter / snow tires, we recommend that you refrain from...  Read More