NEW TIRES! Kumho eco Solus

Whether you drive a coupe or a crossover, Kumho has two brand new tires that might interest you:

The eco Solus HM KR22 is a Standard Touring All-Season tire made specifically for coupes, sedans and minivans. It combines low noise with good ride in a long-wear tire that handles perfectly.  And as an All-Season tire, it provides traction in just about any situation. Yes, including light snow.

The Solus KL21 is a Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for those who drive a crossover, sport utility vehicle or pickup. And like the HM KR22, low noise and good ride are prominent without compromising ride quality or traction in all-season conditions.

Both of these tires meet Kumho's eco standard, featuring low rolling resistance that helps the tire contribute to reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

See if these Kumho tires fit your vehicle. Shop our entire collection.

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