Need new Scion tires now that winter is over?

The Scion tires we chose for this vehicle are Dunlop Direzza DZ101 tires, which are Ultra High Performance Summer tires. You may want to consider them for your own vehicle.

"I must have been buying the wrong tires all along, because I think these are really great tires.  I'm a conservative driver day to day, so my stuff tends to last a while. But, when the conditions are right, I like to have fun too. These tires are really great for everyday commuting and the occasional run up/down the mountain twisties. Good value for money too. I find they wear well and are quiet. No problem with the rain, and we get a lot of that over here." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, BMW 325is, HI

You may even want to consider purchasing them as part of a Tire & Wheel Package. They're shown above with O.Z. Energy wheels.

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