Need new car springs? Go pro.

Take your car springs up a notch with a sport-level suspension upgrade from Eibach Springs, the industry's leading aftermarket suspension product manufacturer.

The Pro-System Kit, pictured at left, brings together Eibach's most popular suspension products: Pro-Kit Sport Springs and Pro Damper Sport Shocks. It will lower your vehicle about 1-1/2", improving turn-in quality and reducing understeer. You'll also notice additional ride control (but not a loss of ride quality, which is nice).

A number of our Tire Rack Consumer Reviews can confirm this:

"I drive all over Colorado mountain passes and through cities as well and the Pro-System package is perfect. It kept the car very driveable in the city even with speed bumps and potholes everywhere, and in the mountains I can hit high speed turns with virtually no body roll or traction loss. When I purchase my next vehicle this will be the first upgrade I make to it."
— Tire Rack Consumer Review, BMW 318i, CO

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