Michelin Pilot Tires

Coming up with a name for something is an important, yet challenging task. A name should mean something. It should have value, and ultimately create an identity. Many tire manufacturers default to a series of letters and numbers that, to some, actually do mean something. And to others—they remain nothing more than a series of letters and numbers.

But more often, tire manufacturers create a name for a line of tires that offer specific performance traits. Like Michelin's family of Pilot tires. "Pilot" was the name Michelin gave to the world's first low-profile tires back in 1937.

Today, the Pilot tires are low-profile, high speed Michelin performance tires for passenger vehicles. Each Pilot tire, in turn, represents the brand's commitment to excellence from day one. And as one of the Michelin tire dealers, that's a value we strive to represent by offering you Michelin tires best price possible.

Our best-selling Michelin Pilot tires include the following:

Pilot Alpin PA3 (Performance Winter / Snow Tire)
Pilot Sport PS2 (Max Performance Summer Tire)
Pilot Sport A/S Plus (Ultra High Performance All Season Tire)

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