Looking for the right summer tire? Start with the right performance category.

At Tire Rack, our inventory includes a large number of tires well-suited to summer driving. That means you have plenty of options to choose from—which also means the process of picking one out might get a little overwhelming. How do you pick the right one? We suggest you start by determining your performance category. Think about how you drive your vehicle, then imagine the characteristics you'd like to see in a tire. Take a look:

Summer Passenger
Extreme Performance Summer
Extreme dry street performance, minus some comfort and hydroplaning resistance.

Max Performance Summer
Unsurpassed blend of traction and handling for dry and wet roads.

Ultra High Performance Summer
Outstanding blend of dry and wet street traction and handling.

High Performance Summer
Good blend of dry and wet street performance for sport coupes and sedans.

Grand Touring Summer
Good blend of dry and wet street performance, responsive handling and great noise/ride comfort.

Summer Light Truck/SUV
Street/Sport Truck Summer
Dry and wet road performance with a sporty appearance.

Highway Rib Summer
Heavy-duty tires for dry and wet on-road traction.

Still not sure? Give our Tire Decision Guide a try. It'll walk you through a few questions about your vehicle, ultimately leading you to a performance category (and we've only been talking about "summer" performance categories) that fits the description.

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