Looking for advanced friction technology? Choose Hawk brake pads.

Car brake pads don't last forever. There are a number of available replacement brake pads. And the leader in advanced friction technology? Hawk performance brake pads. If it's time to replace brake pads on your vehicle, you'll want to check out our inventory of Hawk products — whether you're driving the streets or the track.

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads: "I was a little hesitant about purchasing a brake pad that promised less dust yet was quieter than OE. This is my wife's vehicle but I use it to tow my race car. These ceramic Hawk pads combined with the Powerslot rotors have great responsiveness, stopping power, but have great control especially for such a heavy vehicle. 100% better than OE - quieter, smoother, less dust. These definitely deliver more than they promise." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Ford Expedition, CA

Hawk Blue 9012 Track Only Pads:
"I attend 10-14 track days per year, mostly at VIR. I've begun to drive deeper into corners putting additional stress on the braking components. The Hawk Blues (combined with HP Plus on the rear) have provided me with exceptional, consistent, non-fading braking power. The MINI weighs about 2,700 pounds and these pads last for 4 days on the track." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, MINI Cooper, VA

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