Lights For Your Truck

PIAA 540 Clear Driving Light KitLooking for aftermarket lights for your SUV or small or mid-size truck?

The PIAA 540 Clear Driving Light Kit packs a big and bold design into a small package. It provides additional protection while enhancing your vehicle’s appearance with its unique black mesh style lens cover. Ultra-thin housing allows for easy do-it-yourself installation.

PIAA 540 Clear Driving Light Kit includes:

•    Two lamps
•    Wiring harness
•    Relay
•    Switch
•    Mesh style covers

Shop by vehicle to see which lighting option works best for your vehicle.

Note: Properly aiming your auxiliary lights is the most important part of the installation process. If the lights are not correctly aimed, they will not achieve maximum performance. For more information on properly aiming your new lights, read:

Proper Auxiliary Light Aiming” 

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