Koni Shocks

KONI has been producing equipment for the transportation industry since 1857, but now they are primarily known for high performance and racing KONI shocks.

And those KONI shocks are known for producing superb performance and enhanced car control. KONI experts know that every vehicle has a different dampening system, which is why they custom build a wide variety of shock absorbers using three different technologies: twin-tube hydraulic, mono-tube high pressure gas, and twin-tube low pressure gas. The result is a shock absorber tweaked to perfection that lasts a lifetime—and often outlasts the vehicle itself. 

Koni shocks are available in two different performance categories:

• KONI Special shock absorbers Typically painted red, these KONI shocks please drivers seeking to improve general vehicle comfort and handling.

• KONI Sport shock absorbers Typically painted yellow, these KONI shocks focus on exceptional road handling.

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