It's time to start thinking about winter / snow tires!

We know, we know—summer isn't over yet! And then, fall. But at Tire Rack, it's never too early to start planning for winter weather. The safety of your vehicle on a slippery, snow-covered and icy road depends on it, so give yourself enough time to find that ideal set of winter / snow tires. But do you really need them? If you live in a snow belt, then yes. You really do need a set of winter / snow tires. They're the only tires designed to keep you safe in cold temperatures, slush and snow, and on ice-covered roads.

And contrary to popular belief, electronic driver's aids and four-wheel drive systems aren't enough. You can read more about that idea here. In a nutshell, these systems don't create traction, they simply help you and your vehicle work with whatever amount of traction is available. Which could be nothing if your tires aren't made for winter weather.

You can find the perfect set for your vehicle by answering a few questions in our Winter Tire Decision Guide, which produces a detailed list of suitable options upon completion.

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