It's time to buy your Goodyear snow tires!

January is here, and we've still got a few more months of winter weather to deal with.
Ultra Grip SUV (Light Truck/SUV Studless Ice and Snow): Our consumers ranked this Goodyear snow tire #2 in its category for its ability to deliver traction on dry, wet and snow-covered roads...including hydroplaning resistance. And for convenience, winter wear indicators are built into the tread so that you know exactly when these tires need to be replaced.

Ultra Grip Ice (Studless Ice and Snow): Dealing with severe, icy conditions on a regular basis? These tires were designed for use in North America, manufactured in Canada and introduced in the Swiss Alps—so you can rest assured they know snow. These snow tires feature Goodyear's patented Ice Over Winter tread compound, which layers an ice tread compound over a more traditional winter tread compound.

Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 (Performance Winter): Keep your high performance sport coupe or sedan on the wet, dry or snow-covered roads. This tire infuses traction with Europe's high-speed winter driving performance (but that doesn't mean you can throw all caution to the wind). Like the Ultra Grip SUV tires above, these also feature the treadwear indicators for added convenience.

Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 EMT (Performance Winter): Almost exactly like the Ultra Grip GW3, but featuring Goodyear's Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) to make this high performance tire a run-flat tire as well. Run flat tires temporarily fix their own "wounds" to avoid pressure loss, which gives drivers just enough time to assess the situation before excess damage occurs.

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