Is your car pulling to the right?

Or maybe it's to the left. Regardless, a vehicle that pulls is a vehicle that demands your attention. Conditions on the road might sway you one way or the other. And if your vehicle is misaligned—you'll definitely feel it. At Tire Rack, we recommend that you assess the situation as quickly as possible to avoid ruining those high performance tires you've invested in.

First and foremost, if you notice the pulling immediately, there's a great chance that it could be a manufacturing glitch. Your warranty typically covers this, but only across a certain number of days, miles of driving or tread wear. If you notice the pulling after extended use, it most likely is the result of the conditions described earlier.

To assess the situation, always start by confirming your alignment. If everything is a-OK, then you'll need to diagnose the tires. There is a very specific way in which that can be done, and you can do it at home by rotating your tires accordingly. Read "Diagnosing Tire Pull" in our library of Tire Tech articles for detailed instructions.

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