Installing Winter Tires

Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel PackagesThere are two important things to consider as you contemplate your new (or existing) set of winter / snow tires: when to install them and how. First, let's discuss when. Remember that specialty tires are just that—special. They should be driven on the roads that they are made for, so when it comes to winter / snow tires, we recommend that you refrain from installing them when the winter season officially hits and it's already snowing. When snowfall seems inevitable, it's time.

Now, when it comes to installing winter / snow tires, if you have a winter / snow tire package then it just got easier. All tires purchased with a set of corresponding wheels come pre-mounted. That makes installation easy; you can do in the comfort of your own garage. However if you need help, or if your winter / snow tires aren't mounted on a set of wheels, use one of our independent Recommended Installers. Rest assured, we wouldn't recommend them if we didn't believe in them.

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