Inspecting a Competition Tire

You ran a really good race—car handled perfectly, tires outperformed the competition. Or did they?

Between sessions, you'll always want to give your competition tires the once-over to confirm that they are in safe shape to continue. Though you may feel any inconsistencies during driving, you just never know. And you can never be too cautious.

As you inspect your tires, you'll want to remove all of the rubber pickup from the tire treads. (Check the wheels, too...just in case). With a mean eye, carefully inspect every inch of the tire for punctures or cuts that could lead to a blowout. You'll also want to make sure the tread compound splice isn't yet visible. This line runs perpendicular to the direction of travel, as shown in the picture at right, and may become evident after harsh acceleration and stopping. If you see it, you'll need to rotate your tires side-to-side on the same axle. (Read more.)

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