Incorporate the Kangaroo Paw into your SUV or truck brakes.

The DBA 4x4 Survival Series front and rear rotors feature an innovative ventilation system known as the Kangaroo Paw—very appropriate coming from DBA (Disc Brakes Australia). And as you can see, the system itself does have a paw-like appearance.

The pillars and columns of the grooved surface improve braking performance, even under extreme conditions. Rotors stay much cooler, thanks to aerodynamic turbulence throughout. Meaning, hot air is pushed out of the rotor's insides quickly and efficiently. This characteristic is especially important because large vehicles carrying even larger loads tend to burn through brakes quickly. Plus, the pillars and columns are all expertly spaced out to make this one stable rotor.

Read more about these rotors from DBA, then search by vehicle to find out if it fits yours. In addition, you can click here for a list of all the braking systems available at Tire Rack.

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