If you need to replace brake rotors, consider Cryo-Stop.

Like all of the brake components we carry, Cryo-Stop Premium Rotors blend quality with innovation. We're particular when it comes time to replace brake rotors, and we're sure you are, too. So check out the ways Cryo-Stop's manufacturing process makes their rotors ones to consider.

Cryo-Stop rotors feature an electrostatically applied finish (an "E-coating") that covers every last bit of the rotor—which is something typical spray-on finishes can't necessarily claim.

So what's the advantage? Long lasting corrosion protection. And we do mean long lasting. The E-coating is actually formulated to withstand over 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting.

They are also cryogenically treated, which means they're cooled to -300 degrees F and then slowly brought back to room temperature. This process positively affects the metal to a point where it'll last up to three times as long as untreated rotors.

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