Hoosier Tires for Sale: The Consumer's Perspective

Hoosier Racing performs a considerable amount of tests on their tires. And before we put Hoosier tires for sale, we test them, too. But while our opinions count, it sometimes helps to know what consumers like you are thinking. That's why we post Tire Rack Consumer Reviews.

A6 (Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only): "First two-day event showed how well these tires work! Went from fourth in class to first in class by over 1 second. These tires handle great and inspire complete confidence."  -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, BMW 328is, NM

R6 (Dry Racetrack & Autocross Only): "Incredible tire when it comes to grip, cornering and traction. Took to Willow Springs and the nearest competitor was over 3 seconds behind and second group over 7 seconds behind. These tires will make you feel super confident!" -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, Porsche 911, CA

Radial Wet (Wet Racetrack & Autocross Only): "Insanely capable tire in the wet. Instills enormous confidence, even when conditions are really bad. Remarkably fast. Everyone who drives on DOTs should have a set of these." - Tire Rack Consumer Review, Porsche 944, NJ

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