Hoosier Racing Tires: Breaking in the A6 and R6

As with any tire, it is important to recognize a certain "break-in" period. Though breaking in a tire won't affect initial performance, it will produce benefits across the competitive life of the tire. So if you're breaking in a new set of Hoosier Racing tires, like the A6 or the R6, you'll want to observe the initial run heat cycle while giving the tires plenty of time to "cure." Here are a few tips:

R6 Roadrace:
• The first laps set up durability and competitive life, so don't run them more than 15 minutes at first use. 
• Start with an easy pace, then run the final lap at your fastest possible speed in an effort to achieve maximum tire temperature.
• Inflation should be 3 to 5 psi higher than normal.
• Always let the tire rest at least 24 hours before using it again, and actually a week is best, though not always possible.

A6 Autocross:
• At the event site where you'll be using the tire for the first time, be sure to drive around for a scuff-in session at minimal speeds.
• Tire pressure can be 3 to 5 psi higher when scuffing, but must be reset before the race begins.

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