Got wheels for those GTI tires?

When you buy your GTI tires, consider purchasing a set of aftermarket wheels at the same time. We know, it sounds expensive, but when you purchase them together the benefits far outweigh the price tag.

A Tire & Wheel Package from Tire Rack is a smart way to get high-quality, other words, exact...fitments for new tires and wheels. They come premounted, which means you can install them yourself. So if you switch out to winter / snow or racing tires, you'll save yourself some money. And time, since you won't be working around someone else's schedule.

Take a look at the Volkswagen GTI at left. To complete a Tire & Wheel Package, we chose Continental auto tires and O.Z wheels. The ContiSportContact is Continental's Ultra High Performance Summer tire, which complements the sporty look and performance level of the Supertourismo GT wheels.

If you drive a GTI, this package might work for you, too. To be sure, search by vehicle.

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