Goodridge G-Stop Brakeline Kits

If you seek the ultimate in brake components, then you'll want a Goodrich G-Stop Brakeline Kit from Tire Rack. For well over 20 years, Goodrich has been supplying high performance hose and hose fittings to some of the world's best racing teams. And with a little extra research and development, they've figured out a way to convert that power to products suitable for serious streetcars.

The G-Stop Brakeline Kit provides three to six stainless steel braided hoses (depending on your vehicle) that promote a more responsive brake pedal. The stainless steel leaves your brakes feeling firm, not "spongy" which is a term commonly associated with rubber brake lines. And since the hose is stainless steel, you can rest assured that the line will resist corrosion for a long time.

"I tow a 16-inch car trailer or 14-inch enclosed landscaping trailer almost every day. Installed the Goodridge lines to replace the OEM brake lines, outstanding pedal feel. Much more solid than stock hoses. No fade rotor warping or any adverse problems." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Chevrolet Blazer, FL

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